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by Melissa Lyons in General Questions about September 28, 2017 open - report

When God is silent

We alll hear His voice in different ways. Mine is an audible voice. I've heard him this way all of my life. I'm walking in unison with the Lord. My question is, why are there periods of silence? Am I supposed to be learning something? I know He's beside me, he reminds me of this, but He just won't talk. What is the purpose of this time? It's happened in the past when he was moving me out of state and right before everything took off, He went silent. He is moving me out of state again, and He is silent. I can only summize that things are about to take off again. Though, during this time, I feel like I need to hear from him most, yet He is silent. I don't understand the purpose behind it. Is there something Biblical that you can point me to? Is there some article or something that I can read that will give me a better understanding of this? I'm sure everyone goes through these times. It's especially difficult for me because I hear him audibly and now there is nothing.... but silence. I feel like with the fact that I'm moving out of state, it is more crucial to hear him to ensure I am aligned with his will and his direction for me. Can you offer me adivce or any reading material that could help me understand why He does this? I've asked and asked and all I get is silence. 

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    by Sylvia Todd about September 28, 2017

    Melissa, that is a wonderful and amazing gift to be able to hear Him audibly on a regular basis! I've only had that happen on occasion. I don't think God can be put in a box as far as having any one reason where He might not speak, but a couple of things come to mind, just from the times when He has done the same to (or for :)) us.

    One, there is the idea of the "test". We say here sometimes that the teacher speaks while we are in class, but during the test, it is silent. That is where we apply what we have learned, where we grow.

    The other is simply a faith walk. We have sometimes just had to rely on the last thing that we know He told us. Can we believe in His word without daily reassurances? Well, that's something we find out when we're "out there" :).

    God bless, sister <3!

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    • Tyler Velau
      by Tyler Velau
      September 29, 2017

      Melissa, I cannot begin to fathom your position since I have(to the best of my knowledge) not experienced anything like that. All I've ever heard was silence(to the best of my knowledge). I acknowledge that it is certainly possible He has spoken to me in...  more

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