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by Tyler Velau in General Questions about September 26, 2017 open - report

Old Traditions

I was reading the questions on the Q&A page and I came accross the question on communion and it got me wondering what roles old traditions play in the modern age? Are they symbolic, or do they still have the same significance now as they did when written of in the Bible? 

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    by Sylvia Todd about September 28, 2017

    Tyler, as suggested from Dion's reply, it may help to describe what you mean by "old traditions" :). One thing about that is the word "tradition", which I would generally think of as a man-made practice.


    As an analogy, though maybe a poor one (haven't had enough coffee yet ;)), if you are at a construction site, you may like to lay your hammer to the left of your chisel, because that's how your father taught you, and your father before you. There may be no particular reason except for respect for the past. Reasons like that may be perfectly fine, though sometimes they may become outdated. However, the tools themselves, the hammer and the chisel, are not analogies for what I would think of as "traditions", but actual tools that make a difference in the Kingdom, such as the ones Dion mentioned: praying, fasting, and giving. Haha, I don't actually know that much about construction, so this was probably a bad idea to use as an example, but I've dug into it now :D. 


    Praying that God brings you clear guidance and wisdom, brother!

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    by Dion Todd about September 28, 2017

    I am not sure about "old traditions" but communion is certainly as relevant today as it ways then, and it is a way to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. A symbol that reminds us of His body broken, His blood poured out, for us. The practices of praying, giving, fasting are still relevant as well. They affect your life just as much now as they would have when written.  :)


    While the traditions of wearing a robe and a beard are kinda gone...

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