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by Sylvia Todd in General Questions about April 20, 2016 open - report

Why do we go to church?

As a newer believer, "Why do we go to church?" was one of the questions I would ask a lot. Not as in "Oh no, why do we have to go?", but "What is the reason God would want us to go?" and "How does this fit into my walk?". I suppose I have answered it well enough to satisfy myself, but would be interested in seeing how others would answer this :)!

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    by Sylvia Todd about April 25, 2016

    Thank you all so much for your great and thoughtful answers! For any who see this later, your viewpoints would also be welcome :). 


    For me, I believe that the practice of how or if we go to church is a personal matter that may change with the seasons of our life. That may take place at in a specific building, here at RHM, or with family and close friends. 


    As to "why", one of my "ah ha" moments was at a Christian conference. There was a singer up on the stage leading a number of songs I think he had written, which were fine though maybe not much more. At one point though, he stopped most of the instrumentals and just started leading the entire crowd into singing "Blessed Assurance" ("This is my story, this is my song") together. While we have had amazing experiences with God on our own, there was something different and special about members of the body of Christ joining as one towards glorifying Him. 


    Since then, I see "church" as the various people who at different times can strengthen, bring wisdom, sharpen what we have, pray for us, and comfort us. Likewise, I like to think that we have been at least some of those things for others, here at RHM and elsewhere. A person may receive all of those things from just a couple of people, but often we are built to be specific people, who have particular strengths and weaknesses. The person who is good at giving someone a good push in the right direction, may not at the same time be the best person to comfort, and visa versa. 


    So, when we "do church" in whatever way we do it, do we end up stronger, closer to God, wiser, more confident in our walk, more loving? If the answer is yes, we are probably on the right track :). 

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    by Lorna Smetak about April 22, 2016

    Matthew 18:20New International Version (NIV)

    20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

    I like this one, since there many area's in the world that there are only 2 or 3 people together talking about/learning the word either with a bible or by words. So i don't think that we need to go to Church. As long as we (me), (try to) continue in the walk and study the bible whether online here as a family or as a group. Tv or e-mails for daily devotionals. This is how i believe and do it. I am still filled with the spirit and i still pray for help from the Lord and I receive it no matter where i am.

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    by Nicole Summers about April 20, 2016

    I was taught growing up there's power when a congregation comes together in prayer. people are Healed, lost souls find God, miracles happens. God wants us to come to be as one in a house of praise.
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    by Deborah Alexander about April 20, 2016

    The Word says that Faith coming by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Yes granted we can turn on a TV, listen to the radio, go on line. However when believers all come together in the house of the Lord there's power, strength, many members in one body to build one another up.

    Well that's how I see it.

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