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How do I collect points?

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by Tyler Velau in General Questions about February 7, 2017 open - report

Communing with the Lord

Do you have to say "In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen." after every time you try to commune with the Lord? For example, if you simply wanted to express thanks and gratitude, is that a prayer or is it just talking to Him and thanking Him as if He were there with you?Is there some way to commune with Him properly? 

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    by Sylvia Todd about February 9, 2017

    When we are simply walking around and thanking the Lord for something that happened, we mostly don't. Most commonly, it is when we are lifting up our daily requests, which also include thanking Him, but "in the name of Jesus" portion signifies that His Son is the representative which "authorizes" us to make such requests in the first place. Also though, don't worry too much about getting it wrong, it's not a formula :). If that were the case, any heathen could just use those words like a spell ;).

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