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How do I collect points?

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by Becky Hines in General Questions about May 21, 2016 closed - report


I recently read scripture from this bible and found it easy to understand but I need to be sure it is accurate and nothing has been left out etc. Trying hard to please out Lord in every area of my life.Thank you Pastor Dion and Sylvia
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    by Dion Todd about May 22, 2016 Best answer

    Hi Becky, The New International Reader's Version is based on the NIV but in a simpler form of english. Someone asked Billy Graham's advice on Bible translations and he responded, "Pick one and live by it."


    It is updated, easy to read, and if it helps you understand the text, use it. I use several translations and compare them. The Amplified is dead on to the orginal greek and hebrew, but can be laborious and repitive to read for long. 


    In the mid 90s and for around 5 years, the NIV was the latest modern english translation and available on compact disks. I ripped them all to mp3s and it played 24 hours a day though my house and computer workshop. I love the NIV and the Holy Spirit has spoken to me countless times through it. I know there are people that try to discredit the NIV for various reasons, usually KJV readers, but they are splitting hairs over things that do not really matter. The NIV tells us to "Love your neighbor" and "Be filled with the Spirit" so let us try and do that and not argue over our personal preferences. 


    In my writing, I use the WEB (World English Bible) because it is copyright free. For more details on how that I feel about Bible translations, read this teaching:

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    by Sylvia Todd about May 21, 2016

    Becky, I'm not personally familiar with the NIRV, but from this article at Bible Gateway, it sounds like it is based on the NIV, but with additional referencing and formatting that is easier to follow. If a person is ok with the NIV (and we are :)), than it sounds like there is nothing wrong with the NIRV. I'm sure Dion can also comment when he sees this, and perhaps others who may be more personally familiar with that version :).

    Overall, my view is that if it helps you understand the Word better, then it's a good thing!

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