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by Lesa M. Merrill in General Questions about May 15, 2016 open - report

Letting go

i see so many places that tell us to 'let go and let God' or ' give everything completely to Him'. To surrender completely to God's will. I'm good with that. Excited about it! I have a couple people in my life, however, that tell me God expects us to actively work at things too. I'm okay with that too, but I have fear of not listening fully to God's will and putting my own (although unintentional), if I actively work on thing too. I fear messing up. Not having enough strength or discernment. Is there a happy middle? I look to God in everything I do, but these people tell me I'm not working hard enough on my own. Can anyone clarify this for me?
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    by Linda Darlene Gibson about May 17, 2016

    Lesa, for many years I did things on my own even though I had God in my life. I too had heard so many times to 'let go, let God' or 'we must surrender our all to God'. It took awhile for me to truly understand as I was beaten down with the fear of failing as well. Then one day, I realized how much prayer was such an essential tool in our lives. Being truly sincerely in our quest to know God's will in prayer allows us to 'let go and to let God'. I used to pray but to be truly sincere in my prayer I can't say that I was, I basically prayed and then I did as I wanted to do. Now, I wait upon the Lord. I try every avenue in my quests and then ask God to open or close the door because if we don't try how do we know what his will is? As for 'surrendering every aspect of our lives to him', I too never understood but then I realized there were different aspects of my conduct or actions in my life that I personally felt was wrong yet I still continued. I realized I couldn't straddle the fence on things, it was either I do God's way or my way. Whether it was inappropriate talk, actions or thoughts, I realized I had to give my all and be sincere in it to truly surrender my all. When I did give my all to God, God and I went on a journey together and made my life so much easier because with him guiding us, we can never go wrong.

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    • Lesa M. Merrill
      by Lesa M. Merrill
      October 15, 2016

      Linda, thank you for your answer. Very helpful!

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    by Dion Todd about May 16, 2016

    God gives us the spark, but we do the work. We are His hands and feet on this earth. When we run into the impossible, He either enables us to do it, or He will take care of it. He inspired us to start an online church by showing us so many disconnected people who were walking alone, but then we spent months of work making that happen. He provided for everything that we needed along the way.


    I pray, He inspires me, then I write the devotionals and post them. He does not actually write them for me. It is us working hand in hand with God, every day. It is a human being filled with His Holy Spirit and working together with Him to further the kingdom of God.


    Then there is a time when you have done everything that you can do, and you are at the end of  your rope, you stand firm and trust God to help you. “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm” (Ephesians 6:13 ESV).


    When we were building this online church, we came to a point to where we calculated that we needed $2500 to move forward, but we didn't have it. We decided to trust that God would provide for us and to try and start it anyway. So I pulled a server out of the closet and started formating it. Someone donated exactly $2500 about 30 minutes after I started. 


    It is is us, working with Him. I hope this helps. 

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    • Lesa M. Merrill
      by Lesa M. Merrill
      May 17, 2016

      Thank you pastor Todd for your answer. It is very helpful too!

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    by Sylvia Todd about May 16, 2016

    Great question, Lesa! I would say that both ideas have their place. We are certainly called to do our part. I don't believe that God created us with His divine spark to not use the creativity, energy and resources that He has provides us with. As a start, Jesus mentioned praying, fasting and giving, all things that we are to do.


    That said, after you have done what you can do, that is the time to "let go and let God". I like Martin Luther's quote, said after He had made all the efforts he could towards church reform. When the church was still against him, he concluded with "Here I stand". There are certainly times for that, when we need to depend on His grace to cover our weakness.


    As for getting it wrong sometimes, I think we all do that :). If you lean into Him in prayer each day, and ask before proceeding into anything that seems important, I think you probably will go wrong a lot less than you fear. After that, even if you do, He will be there to catch you!

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    • Lesa M. Merrill
      by Lesa M. Merrill
      May 17, 2016

      Thank you for your answer Sylvia. It is very helpful!!

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