When You Cannot Face the Wind

When the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their purpose, they weighed anchor and sailed along Crete, close to shore. But before long, a stormy wind beat down from shore, which is called Euroclydon. When the ship was caught and couldn't face the wind, we gave way to it and were driven along. Acts 27:13-15 WEB.

The Apostle Paul was a Roman prisoner scheduled to stand trial before Caesar. He was being transported to Rome by cargo ship and escorted by Roman soldiers. Soon after they left the shore, the vessel was caught in a northeaster, a terrible storm. The wind was so strong they could not face it or navigate away from it. So the ship was driven ahead of the storm for two weeks, completely out of their control. However, they were entirely under God's direction, for He controlled the wind that drove them.

Eventually, they ran aground on a beach, and their ship broke apart on the rocks. It was the Isle of Malta. It was now the winter season, too stormy and dangerous to sail anymore. So they spent the winter on the island waiting for the weather to clear and another ship to come. The Holy Spirit began to use the Apostle Paul to heal all sickness and disease on the isle of Malta. They all came to know the Lord.

The Isle of Malta has never been the same since Paul swam ashore that morning. He spent about three months there teaching the gospel and healing the sick, nearly 2000 years ago. Because of it, there are now more than 360 churches there. Many of them are dedicated to the Apostle Paul. Malta is still considered to be the most religious country in Europe.

Though the storm's wind drove them across the sea, and they were helpless to steer the ship, God controlled the direction of the wind. Paul just took a side trip, and the Lord used him to bring Christianity to a remote island while on his way to Rome.

Sometimes in life, we face storms like this. No amount of prayer, giving, or crying seems to change our course. Just remember that when a storm blows you off course, that God is controlling the direction of the wind. We will be driven right to where God wants us to be.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I know that You control the wind and that this will eventually pass. You will put me where I need to be. My hope is in You. I will come through this and have a testimony of Your greatness. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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