Turn Around

Immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he received his sight. He arose and was baptized. He took food and was strengthened. Saul stayed several days with the disciples who were at Damascus. Immediately in the synagogues he proclaimed the Christ, that he is the Son of God. Acts 9:18 WEB

Saul was a hardcore Christian hunter. He was there when Stephen was stoned to death in Acts 7:58. He harassed, persecuted, pursued, and arrested Christians. Whenever he found them, he put them in prison (Acts 26:11). He thought this was his calling, and he was completely dedicated to eliminating 'The Way' from the face of the earth. Mere words would have never changed his mind.

While traveling on the road to Damascus, with plans to arrest the Christians there, Jesus appeared to him. In a flash, it completely changed the course of his life (Acts 9:1). He gave the rest of his life to Jesus and miracles followed him. Handkerchiefs from Paul healed people and drove out evil spirits. Saul became known by his Roman name, Paul: a hardcore Christian Apostle. He had made a one hundred eighty degree turn and was now going in the other direction. Paul now preached the gospel, instead of persecuting it.

Anything is possible with God. Some of the most dedicated opposers of Jesus can become His most dedicated representatives, even risking their lives for Him. When people tell me they do not believe in God, it only tells me that they have not met Him yet.

If you have gotten involved in things way over your head and you think that it is now too late, you are wrong. God will redeem your life and buy you back from the enemy. If you are praying for someone who is lost, don't stop. For when God changes your heart, nothing else matters.

Prayer: Heavenly Father please draw us to You, break us out of the normal, turn us around. Let us be a generation that seeks Your face out of love. Thank you so much for bringing me this far, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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