This One

Jesse made seven of his sons to pass before Samuel. Samuel said to Jesse, 'Yahweh has not chosen these.' Samuel said to Jesse, 'Are all your children here?' He said, 'There remains yet the youngest. Behold, he is keeping the sheep.' Samuel said to Jesse, 'Send and get him, for we will not sit down until he comes here.' He sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, with a handsome face and good appearance. Yahweh said, 'Arise! Anoint him, for this is he.' Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the middle of his brothers. 1 Samuel 16:10 WEB

While the sheep grazed peacefully, David reached down and picked up another rock. Placing it in his sling, he twirled it about before releasing it and watching it soar through the air. David was out in the field tending his father's sheep day after day. To fight the boredom, he learned to play music on his harp, he slung rocks with a sling, and he had no idea that his future was being shaped while doing it. He was in training.

David had seven brothers, all who were older and bigger than he was, but God chose him because He looked on David's heart. David spent time with God in the field when he was tending those sheep, and God took his life to a new level while he was doing it.

David protected his dad's sheep when he was little, then God's sheep when he was grown. The sling that he played with in the fields, later killed Goliath. God will use the trivial things that you learn along the way to prepare you for something bigger.

Today, talk with God wherever you are, whatever you are doing. While in the field, or in the home, begin to talk with Him. The relationship that you develop while doing the simple things, is what opens the doors of something much greater. God just might say: 'Anoint this one.'

Prayer: Heavenly Father I thank You for bringing me this far. Please guide me into all that You have and help me to make the most of my time here on earth. Help me to know You in a deeper way Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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