The Surgeon

Colossians 1:16: For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.

There are no conferences, no award ceremonies, no star studded events for the scalpel. A scalpel is one of the most important instruments a surgeon has to perform his work. When someone is surgically repaired, the Doctor is the one who takes credit for the procedure. The Doctor is the one who is trusted, who knows the area of specialty that is needed for repair. So why do so many of us focus on the scalpel, and not the Doctor? Let me explain.

When my Dad was going through consulting for the removal of a cancerous thyroid, we asked a lot of questions to a lot of Doctors.  Namely. how many times a week do you perform this? We asked where he went to school? What was his track record? But we never once asked him what kind of scalpel he used in surgery. We didn't ask him if he had cutting edge instruments and if he was going to cut bi-laterally or what kind of guaze pads he used. Even though we didn't know all those questions, despite not knowing all the terminology, we still trusted that the one we chose, was the best surgeon for my Dad. When my Dad went into his surgery, we didn't go back into the O.R. and hover around him asking him a bunch of questions. We just knew that when the procedure was over, my Dad would have some healing that needed to take place, on one less cancerous thyroid. 

You see, we are focusing on the wrong things in this life when we focus on man's ways. When we focus on how things are going to happen, what way will we be healed, what way will my financial situation turn around, or who is going to do this or that, we have missed the mark. Don't get caught up in who or what God uses to bless us, heal us, or fix us, just trust that God will do the repair work. There are a lot of areas that need God's steady hand in our lives, and He is the one who we trust, and not man. 

So many of us look to others in this world, and especially Doctors, as our savior, and yet they are just a scalpel, or an instrument that God will use to heal us. 

He doesn't even need instruments to do it, He can and will heal you right where you are. 

Father, thank You for healing us right where we are today.  That every person reading this devotional will feel Your healing taking place in their lives no matter what it is.  We know nothing is too big for You or out of Your realm of possibility.  God heal us and be a light in us that we may pour out Your love into other’s lives today.  Thank You for Your love and grace in our lives today.  In Jesus name, amen.

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