The Season Of The Shelf

When the season for fruit drew near, He sent His servants to the tenants to get His fruit. Matthew 21:34 ESV

For years I waited, yet every door remained closed. When I was about twenty, the Lord told me through a pastor that He had chosen me for ministry and to begin to prepare myself. I already knew it in my heart. His word was a confirmation of what God had already put inside me. Later while visiting another church, I was told the same thing, 'prepare yourself for ministry.'

I began to attend Bible college, earned a degree, got ordained, read the Bible through a few times and was ready for ministry. Then I waited for the door to open' I played in bands, painted houses, was a mechanic, and spent twenty years working on computers. Finally I just went on with life and I no longer thought about the dream of ministry.

Yet when the season came around, the Lord herded us into the ministry like cattle into a stall. In less than a week I suddenly found myself as a pastor and was soon writing. I had needed seasoning. I certainly had the zeal, but I had no depth. I knew too much about the traditions of men, and too little of walking with God daily.

Don't give up during your time on the shelf. You are being seasoned and made ready. Also the fruit has to ripen before He will send you. What God has promised, He will bring to pass. When the proper season comes, He will fulfill His word. He will send His servants to get the harvest.

Prayer: Here I am Lord, send me. I will go where you want me to go, work where you want me to work, and say what you give me to say. Use me Lord, in the name of Jesus.

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