The Popcorn Line

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time; casting all your worries on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6'7 WEB

We love to get a tub of buttered popcorn at the movies. It is a rare occasion for us to go, but popcorn just seems to make the whole movie experience better. It makes us happy. One day we went to see a movie with some friends and while we were waiting in line to get our happy popcorn, the man at the counter was fuming mad because he had been assigned to the lowly concession stand.

He loudly complained on and on: 'What were they thinking putting me out here in front of everyone to serve popcorn! I have not done this in years! I am the assistant something something. I am supposed to be in the back office!' He practically threw our order on the counter in contempt.

Everyone in the line looked at each other and felt like we were bothering him, but we really wanted our popcorn before the movie started, so we stayed. He was truly a site to behold and my heart went out to him. I could understand what he was talking about because I have been put in similar circumstances many times.

Each time in my life, before the Lord started to use me in any way that mattered, I first went through an humbling season to prepare me for it. It was always voluntary and each time I was just given the opportunity to humble myself, not forced to obey. It usually presented itself as a choice, where I could choose to humbly serve others in some way, or to leave feeling like they didn't know how important that I really was.

It was always a choice and I was free to do either. The times that I chose the humble path always ended up with me being promoted in some way later, or a golden opportunity suddenly appeared. I have literally gone from sweeping the floor to becoming the manager. Right before He pushed me into ministry, we showed up for a workday at church and the only job left was scrubbing the bathrooms. While others painted, worked on computers, and rearranged musical equipment, I polished the bathrooms until you could have eaten off the floor.

God uses humble beginnings. Even His Son Jesus was born in a stable. Jesus humbled Himself and became one of us. I have learned over the years that the grandiose looking door, is usually not the one that He has in store for me.

This verse says to humble yourselves so that God may exalt you in due time. He will provide the opportunity, but only you can humble yourself. God does not make you humble, He provides an opportunity for you to serve in a lowly esteemed position with a positive attitude. Then as you do the serving, you will become humble in the process.

The further the task is beneath you, the higher that He will take you. The longer that it takes, the longer the season that is coming. I once served a year polishing brass at minimum wage while He refined me, then He pushed me into my own computer business for the next seventeen years.

When He gives you the chance to humbly serve in some way, do it. It is quite possibly the greatest door that could ever open for you, disguised as something lowly. Jesus, the King of all Kings washed the feet of the disciples like He was a servant. So if He puts you at the popcorn stand, serve with a smile and work to be the best popcorn server that the world has ever seen. The people in line will appreciate it.

Prayer: Heavenly Father please help me to see the big picture and beyond the circumstances. Help me to understand Your plan for me and give me the grace to keep a positive attitude while I serve. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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