The Mountain Mover

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5 ESV

Once while we were researching some property, we found a tax lien against us for several thousand dollars that I knew we did not owe. After calling the Department of Revenue, they said that we had missed filing some business form and the penalties and taxes had built up on it for years. We had never received any notification about this form and were horrified. They could not give us details because the record had been archived and they would have to restore a backup of it that night, so we were told, 'Please check back tomorrow.'

My wife and I prayed about this together and felt like we heard 'Say nothing negative.'

This was one of the hardest things that I had ever done. Every fiber of my being wanted to scream: 'We do not owe this!' and I wanted to whine and complain so badly'but we didn't. Instead, we just did not talk about it at all for the 24 hours. We just had to trust God to handle this situation as it had grown into a mountain. The next day we called the D.O.R. back and found that it was an error. We never owed the bill, so the penalties and fees should not have been there anyway. The lady nicely removed the record, and the lien went away.

When mountains rise up in front of you and things begin to look impossible to resolve, trust in the Lord God. He is able to bring to pass the impossible. Nothing is impossible for Him. He can move a mountain.

Prayer: Father, please melt the mountains in my life. Cover me with your Spirit and protect me through this time, in the name of Jesus.

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