The Monument

But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. Genesis 19:26 WEB

When God told Abram to leave his country, he brought along his nephew Lot. In time, the families grew and prospered so much they had to separate from each other. Lot and his family then moved to the city of Sodom. It was an extremely wicked, prideful city, and eventually their sins caught up with them.

Because of Abraham, angels visited Lot and told him to get his family out of Sodom before the destruction began. The angels told them when they left, to not look behind them. So Lot's family all left the city together. Lot's wife went out of the city with the family, but she stopped, lingered, and looked back longingly at what she was leaving behind. She became a pillar of salt. She became a monument.

In our life God is always calling us forward, always stretching our faith, and as long as we live, we are not finished. He is infinitely smart, and we only know a fraction of what He has in store for us. We will still be learning about God while in heaven. To think that we know everything about Him now is hubris, and prideful deception. He has given us enough truth to live by today, but tomorrow we will learn even more. None of us know everything.

If you take a broad look at denominations, you will always see they are formed this way: A revelation, a movement, then a monument. Each one starts with a new revelation about something they believe, it becomes a movement and gathers a following. Eventually what they believe is written out in a 'Statement of faith' and then whatever is not included in that statement, is rejected, and whoever does not agree with them, are wrong. What started out as something new and fresh, ironically now rejects anything new, and it becomes an unchanging monument.

Old wineskins become brittle and will not hold new wine, so God has to use someone else. He moves on and reveals something new to those that are willing to listen, and soon another movement is formed around that truth. Revelation, movement, monument, is the pattern as God restores His church from the dark ages.

God is full of surprises, and to think that He is predictable is a mistake. I know that He said 'I change not' and He does not, but our understanding certainly does. The fact is that no one walked on water, until a couple of people did (Matthew 14:29). No one raised the dead, until someone did (Acts 20:9). No one cast out evil spirits with a handkerchief, until someone did (Acts 19:11). Bread had never rained from heaven, until the day that it did (Exodus 16:14). Unless scripture clearly prohibits something, be open and 'Test all things, keeping what is good' (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Do not despise prophecies (1 Thessalonians 5:20).

Stay stretchable today and allow God to do something new in your life. Do not write off everything new that comes your way as not of God, especially things that are clearly discussed in the Bible. Keep looking forward and not behind you. Do not stop listening to God, do not stop growing, or you will become just another monument along the path.

Prayer: Heavenly Father please let me see through Your eyes what You are doing today. I choose to believe that You are alive, that You love me, and that You are listening to me today. I want to ally myself with You and walk hand in hand. Come and be a part of my life today, help me be stretchable and teachable, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!

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