The Mighty Warrior

Yahweh's angel came and sat under the oak which was in Ophrah, that belonged to Joash the Abiezrite. His son Gideon was beating out wheat in the wine press, to hide it from the Midianites. Yahweh's angel appeared to him, and said to him, "Yahweh is with you, you mighty man of valor!" Judges 6:11-12 WEB.

Dust and chaff drifted through the air as Gideon threshed the wheat. He was hiding inside a winepress so the Midianite raiders would not see it and take away the little they had left. Each time the wheat harvest ripened, armed raiders from Midian descended on Israel to take it all away.

When threshing wheat, they would toss it up into the air with a rake. Then the wind would blow away the lightweight chaff while the heavier wheat settled to the ground. Inside the winepress, the surrounding walls would have prevented the wind from blowing. So separating the wheat from the chaff would have been very difficult. With no breeze at all, the work was dirty, dusty, and hot.

While Gideon was threshing the wheat, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and called him a powerful warrior, a mighty man of valor. In reality, Gideon was the least in his family, who was the least in their tribe. Gideon was the least of the least and hiding from the enemy.

Yet, the Lord saw something inside of Gideon that even Gideon did not know was there. There was more to Gideon than the eye could see on the surface. God used Gideon and three hundred men to defeat thousands of Midianites simply because Gideon believed and obeyed God. Though he was scared, he did what the Lord told him, one step at a time, and he won the battle. Gideon went from a zero to a hero. From hiding from the enemy to defeating and looting their entire army.

God knows what He put inside of you, and you are well able to do what He calls you to do. If you can follow basic instructions, you will be successful in what He sends you to do. Even if you are the least of the least, the smallest of the small, God still has a plan for you, and He will enable you to complete it. The Lord sees something in you that no one else does. If you will spend some time alone with Him and get in tune with what He is doing, then He will take your life to a new level. He will turn the least of us into mighty spiritual warriors.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for equipping me with all I need to do my part here. I choose to trust You even when I feel underqualified. When I don't belong and feel like I am not the one who should be doing this, I know that if You bring me to it, You will get me through it. I am holding on to You today. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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