The Last Supper

He took a towel, and wrapped a towel around his waist. Then he poured water into the basin, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him. Then he came to Simon Peter. He said to him, 'Lord, do you wash my feet?' Jesus answered him, 'You don't know what I am doing now, but you will understand later.' Peter said to him, 'You will never wash my feet!' John 13:4 WEB

At the last supper, only Jesus understood that this would be the last time that they would share a meal together on earth. It was customary before a passover meal for you to ceremonially wash at home, but as you walked to dusty roads to go to the supper, your feet would get dirty. A servant would typically wash the guests feet to refresh them before the meal. According to Jewish tradition, a Jewish servant was not even asked to wash people's feet. This lowly task was assigned to gentile servants.

When they arrived at the supper that evening, there was no servant at all. The disciples looked around at each other, then they all sat down. They all felt too important to perform such a menial task. Jesus arose, wrapped a towel around His waist and began to wash their feet one at a time, even those of Judas who betrayed Him. They sat in embarrassed silence as Jesus washed the feet of one disciple after another, until He came to Peter. You could count on Peter to speak his mind, and Peter rebuked Jesus, the King of all Kings, because He was acting like a Servant. The disciples did not understand then, but later, after the events that followed that night came to pass, they understood.

In my life, there has been so many times where I did not understand what was going on. How could this even happen? After the storm passed though, it made sense. Looking back on the events, I can see how God used circumstances to steer me like the rudder of a ship to get where I needed to go.

Jesus could see what was coming, before it came. The disciples could not, yet it all worked out just the way that it was supposed to. God does not tell us all the details, and if He did, we would not understand it all, just like the disciples. God is the General and He tells us what we need to know in order to do our part. He tells other people their parts, and then He takes care of putting it all together.

You may be facing something that you do not understand and God seems to be doing some weird things, or nothing at all. Why is this happening? Give it time. God reserves the right be God, and sometimes He does things without explaining it to us. He knows what He is doing, where this is going, and our part is to trust Him.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I thank You for guiding me today. Put me where I need to be to serve You the best. Cut me loose from the things that hold me back. Speak to me in a way that I understand and fulfill Your perfect will in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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