The Houseguest

Luke 10:41,42- "Martha, Martha, The Lord answered, you are worried and upset about many things, but only the one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."

Martha is like most of us, she is busy working and preparing for
Jesus. I have to imagine she is growing in frustration as she prepares food for
the house. Jesus didn’t travel alone very often, so she probably had a
houseful. I have witnessed this in my own house, especially when company is
about to come. We become so consumed with making things perfect for our guests
that we miss the point of why they are coming. They can get a clean room or a
meal at just about any hotel anywhere, but they came to spend time together and
talk. What our guests really desire is to see us and share stories, grow
closer, and to reflect on our relationships. They are not coming over for an
inspection and to write a column about the dinner service. We can get caught up
in working, and so consumed by our duties, that we never really enjoy the
conversation with who we have in our house.

Jesus makes it a point to show us that in this scripture. He
comes to Martha’s house and all He desires is time with Martha and Mary. He
wants to talk with them, share with them, and be with them. He turned a loaf of
bread and a couple of fish into a meal for 5000, and was born in a manger so
food and accommodations are not high on the list of needs for Jesus. Spend time
with Jesus, He doesn’t need our work, and while it is nice to do so, that work
will always be there. Take time to be with Jesus and don’t miss out on face
time with Him by doing things that aren’t important. The work will wait, and
when you spend time with Jesus, the work will become effortless.

Jesus points out to Martha that she has many worries, but the
one thing is needed, and that is to sit and be with Him. Jesus always brings us
to a point of rest and fullness. We can be worried and upset any old time, but
while we are with Him, nothing is required of us. We just need to be with Him
and soak up the peace, the love, and the guidance. He is a relationship kind of
savior, not one who constantly needs to be served, or to do work for Him.

We all deep down want to please Jesus and be the one who serves Him.
It is in our nature to do so, but it is clear here, that He longs
for us to be at rest, loving Him, and being loved by Him. Receive the good news
of Jesus Christ in your heart today. Rest in Him, and take the time away from
worry and concern and be refreshed by what He has to say. After all, if you
invite Him in, you would never leave Him on the couch with the remote while you
tend to chores. If Jesus showed up in the physical at my house, I would drop
everything I had to be with Him. Brothers and sisters, invite Jesus to your
house today, and be renewed by all He has for you. Enjoy the time, and be at
peace with who you are, and not what you do.

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