Talking Donkeys

Don't remember the former things, and don't consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing. It springs out now. Don't you know it? Isaiah 43:18 WEB

While sitting in church one morning listening to the speaker drone on, I became bored. I yawned, searched for the time, and wondered how long would it be before we could go home. Having served the Lord a couple decades, graduated seminary, and listened to a thousand sermons I liked better than this one, I felt that this particular speaker had nothing new to say that I had not already heard.

As I was thinking about how bored I was, I felt the Holy Spirit suddenly speak to me and He said, 'Do you really know everything that I am going to say? Is there nothing new that I can teach you?' Chills ran down my neck, I sat up straight and started paying attention. I actually learned a couple of things during the rest of the service.

I left church that day like a little dog with his tail between his legs and I try to pay better attention when the Holy Spirit is using someone. If you are not careful, God can be standing right in front of you, trying to tell you something, and you can miss Him.

In numbers 22:28 God spoke through a donkey to a stubborn prophet that would not listen. The religious leaders of the day missed the Messiah, even when He stood right in front of them. When Jesus spoke in His hometown of Nazareth, they tried to kill Him (Luke 4:28). Stephen was so filled with the Holy Spirit that his face shown like that of an angel, and highly religious people stopped up their ears and stoned him (Acts 7:15). We can miss God as easily as they did if are not willing to be teachable and keep an open mind.

It is easy to become cynical and believe that you are really smart when you have been around religion a long time. We can become a modern day pharisee. We know people for who they were, but God knows who they are today, and He will use anyone willing. At least once He spoke through a donkey, and when He does, we should listen. So if someone is sharing something, listen to what they are saying! You might learn something, just like I did.

Prayer: Heavenly Father forgive me of the times that You have been trying to tell me something and I paid You no attention. Help me recognize when You are speaking to me and tune my ear to You. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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