Signs That Make You Wonder

While God also bore witness by signs and wonders and various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to His will. Heb. 2:4 ESV

Once while in a band, I was witnessing to several people who were outside at a party. It was dark outside, I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit show up, so I just went with it. Before long a few of the people started yelling, shouting and moving around. I was so caught up in the Spirit that I thought the Lord was touching them all as well. But in reality, we were all standing in a huge fire ant bed, and they were all being bitten. In my mind, I had seen that going differently.

I looked down and saw that my white pants were covered in fire ants up to my knees. For some reason I had complete peace about it, which I remember seeming unnatural at the time. I just reached down and gently brushed them all off my legs. I did not get bitten a single time that night, though I have been many times both before and after this.

One of the men that were present gave his life to the Lord shortly after. I cannot explain it, but sometimes the Lord does signs that does surely make one wonder.

Prayer: Father, make Your presence real in my life. Protect me from harm and use me to lead others to You, in the name of Jesus.

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