Repeat Mode

“You are those who have stood by me in my trials. And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me” Luke 22: 28-29

It is so easy to worship and give God all the praise and glory when things are going good in our lives, for me I can’t seem to quit smiling and thanking him for all he has done specifically during those times. I am sure most can agree with this, but what happens when we are in the trenches?  The low valleys are when we question, where is God? And why did he allow this to happen? We become angry, scared, hurt and unloved. Perhaps we lash out all the negative emotions we feel at our loved ones or perhaps even God. He or they don’t deserve any of the hurt, do they?  

I’ve come to learn it is during the valley’s that show our true character and we find out what God is revealing to us about ourselves and who we really are. He already knows us better than we know ourselves. To grow in our trust and faith, he will allow the valley’s to be placed in our paths.  Isn’t that what a teacher does, test us on our knowledge?  

In my valley’s I used to think, I’m doing a purpose for him which could be so but if you think about it he may be trying to tell us something we don’t want to know or realize. In many cases, I can honestly say I’ve always thought I knew what I wanted or desired, but now I often wonder do I really know anything. We can pray for God’s will but deep down we want this or that to happen. Remember, we are human.

Maybe he allows us to go through things to show us what we don’t want.  We pray for the desires of our heart, but when he answers the prayer, sometimes I have realized why did I want this? I have prayed for things in my life for so long to happen but then sometimes I realized God answered my prayer only for me to figure out this isn’t what I thought it would be or wanted. I realized I was in a valley and I was angry at God for allowing me to be there but in reality I put myself there because God answered my prayer.

I have to believe God has a great sense of humor or at least with me he has too. Lord knows of the consistent prayers I’ve prayed to him to answer and for him to see me get so frustrated when the prayer was answered. This is when my ‘true character’ was revealed.  I think this is when we learn to truly surrender to ‘his will’ because what I think is my heart’s desire isn’t the best for me. He will reveal it to you if you are open to it I assure you. If you’re not, it’s like your life will be in repeat mode.

I want my character to be revealed to stand with him in the trials and in the valleys as well as on the mountain top. I want to truly want his will in my life. It does get tiresome to be on repeat mode in this life. We only have one life to live and I want God to make the most of it because I am sure he just sits up there laughing at me, shaking his head and smiling saying, ‘here we go again’. So today I thank God for all the crazy notions he has put up from me for thinking I know what I want. Today, I choose to truly want God’s will in my life. So what is your true character say about you? Are you willing to stand in front of his mirror? Learn to trust him in all things and be accountable for your own actions, otherwise; your life just may be in repeat mode.   

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