One Day Closer

I have declared the former things from of old; yes, they went forth out of my mouth, and I shown them: suddenly I did them, and they happened. Isaiah 48:3 WEB.

There was a time in our life when our business started failing. Our income grew less and less and then stopped completely. After several months with no work, the bills started piling up. We tried everything we could, but nothing seemed to change our situation.

When we advertised, it was like throwing money in the trash. When we gave, we just had less. When we fasted, we were just hungry. When we prayed, we just heard silence. We tried to find jobs but found nothing but dead ends. Finally, when out of options, and as the last straw, we prepared to move out of our home.

After enduring months of this, I no longer had the energy or willpower to pray. Then, on the Tuesday morning of the week we were preparing to move, I went into my prayer room and sat down. I was mostly contemplating how much I would miss our home when the Lord suddenly spoke to me in an open vision. Within twenty-four hours, our lives had completely changed for the better, and by Friday, I became a pastor.

God closed out the old and brought in something new. It hurt to see the old go, and I wanted to keep it, but what He gave us was so much better. God moves suddenly at what we often think is the last minute, but it's not to Him. He knew the day that the change would occur, and it was right on time, like an appointment. Our fear, worry, anxiety, and despair were for nothing, for it was just part of His transition plan.

I learned that the test of our faith scales to match our level. As we grow in faith, the tests grow with us. Peter walked on water with Jesus, then denied knowing Him three times. None of us are above failure, so don't beat yourself up. You are not the first one to have missed the mark, and you won't be the last. If you feel that you are the epitome of perfection and that God is lucky to have you, you are still blinded by pride. Believe me, God knows how to bust that balloon.

The Lord knows where you are, and He has the day marked on His calendar when your circumstances will suddenly change. So don't give up yet. We don't know the day nor the hour, but the Father does, and He will not be late nor early. We are one day closer to our breakthrough than we were yesterday. To us, the change may come suddenly, but He scheduled it a long time ago.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for all that You have done for me. I yield to You today, for You can see the end from the beginning where I can't even see what the next hour holds. You know where I am and what I need today. Please fulfill Your will in my life. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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