He Makes Dreams Come True

Also delight yourself in Yahweh, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4 WEB.

I remember when I was about twelve years old and working in the tobacco fields through the summer. Sometimes, it became so hot in the field that people would get sick to their stomachs, and the rest of us would help crop their row. My world seemed very small then. We were poor, and my family was the least of the least. I was in my twenties before I learned what college was, not that we could have afforded it.

Yet, I had a strong desire to work with computers from the first time I saw one on our tiny black-and-white television. Though I hardly knew what computers were, they fascinated me. It was beyond my wildest dream that I would ever be able to work in that field, so I didn't dare get my hopes up. Learning technical things was difficult then. There was no internet to research things with as we know it today. People went to school for it or called someone who had.

Though I couldn't afford to buy a computer then, as I zealously pursued growing closer to God, I began to attract computer parts like a magnet. We lived way out in the country, but a power supply found its way to me. Then, a motherboard and a processor. Someone at church gave me some leftover RAM after an upgrade. Soon, I had gathered all the parts for a working computer except a case, so I made one from a cardboard box. That was my first computer.

I found that technical things came naturally to me, though I had no formal education. It was a gift the Lord had put in my life for a purpose. Eventually, He herded me into the computer field like cattle through a loading chute. It seemed that whatever I laid my hands on, I fixed, and soon, other technicians were calling me for advice. I learned to build clusters of load-balancing Linux servers and to code. Yet, it was all Him preparing me for what we do today. Now, I use those skills He gave me to spread His word here at Refreshing Hope.

God can fulfill your dreams. In fact, He is the One who puts them inside of us. Just as He gave Joseph a dream when He was a young boy and then later brought it to pass, so He did with me. So put the Lord first in your life, and He will make it happen. When nothing else mattered to me but Him, He gave me everything else as well' Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. The Lord is the One who can make your dreams come true.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please reveal the gifts You have placed in my life and teach me to use them in power. Help me use all You have given me to advance Your kingdom. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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