Getting God a Gift

If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world is mine, and all that is in it. Will I eat the meat of bulls, or drink the blood of goats? Offer to God the sacrifice of thanksgiving. Pay your vows to the Most High. Call on me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you, and you will honor me.' Psalms 50:12 WEB

God owns the entire universe, above and below, seen and unseen. Some people think that the devil will own hell and rule there. Not so. The devil will be imprisoned there just like anyone else who rejects Jesus Christ. In fact, he was why it was built, and he will just be another inmate.

God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the money in our pocket came from Him, as well as the shirt on our back. What can we give God that He does not already have? Praise and thanksgiving from your heart.

That is something that is truly ours, completely under our control, and we can give it to whomever we want. So simple in theory, yet so difficult in practice. Stump your toe and see what comes out. 'God thank you for not letting me break it' would be a good response, yet sometimes I do something else.

Be thankful for what God has already given you. If you are reading this, you evidently are still breathing, so be thankful. Tell God 'Thank You for what you have already done for me'. Praise is right along those lines. 'God, You are AWESOME! I could have never done that without You!' It is the one thing that God does not have.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I thank You today for all that You have blessed me with. You have been good to me and I so appreciate it. Draw me to You, teach me about You, make me stedfast, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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