Cut it Loose

Fearing that we would run aground on rocky ground, they let go four anchors from the stern, and wished for daylight. As the sailors were trying to flee out of the ship, and had lowered the boat into the sea, pretending that they would lay out anchors from the bow, Paul said to the centurion and to the soldiers, "Unless these stay in the ship, you can't be saved." Then the soldiers cut away the ropes of the boat, and let it fall off. Acts 27:29-32 WEB.

The ship's crew was gripped with fear as it was tossed about by the wind and waves. For fourteen days, they had been battered and driven before this storm in darkness. Finally, some sailors decided they would escape using a lifeboat, but Paul told them that they would all die if they did not stay on the ship. So they cut away the boat, and they all made it to safety on the island of Malta, where God used Paul to perform many miracles.

Sometimes you need to stay the course that God has put you on and cut loose the things dragging you back. Let it go. Let them go. They would have never fulfilled God's plan in their life if they had not cut the ropes and let go of that boat. They would have died while holding onto it. If something is holding you back and you feel that God wants you to get rid of it, then cut it loose and let it go. Trust Him to take care of you.

When they don't want to be around you, there are those waiting who do. You are a child of God, not a doormat. When the door closes to a job, there is a better door getting ready to open. When you feel all alone, you are not, for He is right there with you. If you only knew how much He loved you, your life would never be the same.

Is your past chasing you? Cut it loose and let it go. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and God is interested in your future, not your unchangeable past. It is not too late. You can do this, and He will be with you through it, but sometimes we have to brace ourselves and endure the storm to get where we need to go.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please strengthen me today and help me make the right decisions. I want to do the right thing. Forgive me of my past mistakes and guide me into Your perfect will. With You by my side, I can face anything. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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