Caught in a Trap

Keep me from the snare which they have laid for me, From the traps of the workers of iniquity. Let the wicked fall together into their own nets, While I pass by. Psalms 141:9 WEB

If you examine a fishing lure, you will find that there is a deadly hook hidden within something that looks tasty on the outside. Much the same way, a trap is a device that is designed to not look like a trap.

In a pit trap, they dig a hole in the ground, place sharp sticks in the bottom, then cover it with branches and leaves to conceal it. In the center of the trap they may place something tasty to lure the animals there. The unfortunate animal that goes after the bait does not realize that it is a trap until it is too late, and they fall into the pit.

So many things in life look harmless, enticing, pleasurable, but the end result of them is bondage. They are a trap. For instance, to some recreational drugs may seem like a harmless escape, but they almost always end in some form of addiction. For others it may be an affair, pornography, or who knows what, but the end result is always bad for us.

God has a plan for you, but the enemy has a counter plan for your life if you will go after his bait. All along the path of life are snares and traps set for you with the sole purpose of you becoming ensnared. It always involves a choice, and God will provide a way out if we listen. When we stumble, we usually know darn well what we are doing.

David also added 'while I pass by' which literally means 'while I pass right on by the trap safely!' He was a man who had slipped through many nets with the help of God. David knew where his help came from.

"For by you, I run against a troop. By my God, I leap over a wall" (2 Samuel 22:30).

No weapon formed against David prospered, and he served God his entire life. It was not that David was a perfect man, it was that when he stumbled, he would humbly repent and then try it again.

Watch out for the enemies bait. If it looks like something you want, but you feel that little voice inside warning you, then you better avoid it. If you have already gotten snared, cry out to God who will deliver you. God can get you out of the enemies net. He is a delivering God and He will set His people free, but it is a lot easier on you if you just don't take the bait.

Prayer: Heavenly Father please help me to avoid the traps in my life. Help me make the right decisions and follow You with my whole heart. Light a fresh fire within me and draw my heart to You, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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