By My Spirit

Then he answered and spoke to me, saying, 'This is Yahweh's word to Zerubbabel, saying, 'Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says Yahweh of Armies. Zechariah 4:6 WEB.

David wrote in Psalm 37:4: "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Once I was laid off from a great paying job as a foreman with an international construction company. Then I spent a humbling year polishing brass by hand at a buffing machine for one-third of the pay.

My skin became green and black from the polishing compounds and the brass dust. The work was mind-numbingly dull, but I knew that God had put me there, so I stuck it out. I listened to the Bible all day, fasted about as much as I ate, and prayed in the spirit for several hours a day while polishing plumbing parts.

At night, I worked on computers. It had become a passionate hobby of mine. I had parts scattered everywhere that I had gathered, which I assembled in various configurations. Then I disassembled them so I could build a faster one. My first computer had a cardboard box as a case. I loved electronics and working with computers, but I grew up on a farm in the country. I had no education, and I had dropped out of high school early to go to work. I could only dream about those who were lucky enough to work with computers every day for a living. I really enjoyed it, but I never, ever dreamed I would.

My job at the brass plant ended when it merged with another company, and I was unsure what I would do next. One day I got a call from a business that had a network of twelve computers. A friend of mine had given them my number. Computer networks were rare then. Being completely self-taught, I knew very little about them. I had never actually seen one, so this was well over my head.

This was before the Internet came to homes and before we carried cell phones. Most work on a computer was done from a command prompt or a custom-written program on a monochrome screen, usually green or amber. Many were just terminals that connected to a mainframe in a back room.

While on the phone, the insurance company explained that they had purchased an agency management software from an out-of-state business. Technicians had come down and set up the software a few years ago, but now one of the machines could no longer connect to the network. The company that had installed them had gone out of business, and they didn't know who else to call.

I listened to them explain the situation, and I was about to say, "Sorry, I can't help you with that." But then I felt more than heard: "Go, and I will go with you." So I agreed to go look at it. I prayed all the way to the location. When I arrived, they took me to the machine that was broken. There was a filing cabinet nearby, and I rested my arm on it as they told me about their problem with the computer.

As I was standing there with several people looking at me for answers, I had none, and I could feel fear begin to rise inside me. Right beside my hand on top of the filing cabinet was a small black box with several flashing lights. I felt an urge to inspect it closer, so I touched it. When I did, another light came on. I removed my hand, and the light went off.

That caught my attention, and looking closer, I discovered that one of the network cables had a short at the connector. If I held the plug just right, it worked, but if I let it go, the computer went offline. I fixed the broken network cable, and the computer came back online.

To them, it looked like I was a network guru. I had walked into the building and straight to the problem. Within ten minutes, I had diagnosed and fixed an issue that had randomly plagued them for weeks. But on the inside, I totally knew it was the Holy Spirit opening new doors for me. They were my client for the next seventeen years.

God began to do this type of thing day after day. Soon I had over fifty businesses that I was taking care of. Many would call with some impossible sounding problem that I had never dealt with before. I would pray all the way there and fix it in moments. It was a golden time in my life when it seemed I could do no wrong. Sometimes just putting my hands on the computer fixed the problem. I know it sounds crazy, but I did it for years. I was totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to give me the answers, and He did. Soon, the things I could not even dream of doing, I began living.

Delight yourself in the Lord. Step out today into whatever He gives you to do. It is not by your might, power, or intellect that you will succeed in this life, but by His Holy Spirit. Just as David stepped out against Goliath and won, God will help you accomplish anything that He gives you to do if you don't let fear hold you back. God doesn't always call the equipped, but He equips those He calls.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I delight in You! Please push me into deeper water and let me know that You are right there with me. Hold me tight and guide my every step. Let me be a conduit for Your power on this earth. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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