Burning Down the House

Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and don't do the things which I say? Luke 6:46 WEB

Dad always warned us about playing with fire. One day my brother, who was only about three or four years old, got a hold of a pack of matches. He hid in the closet to play with them, sitting under the clothes that were hanging in there. It wasn't long before the closet was on fire, and soon the entire house. By the time my mom noticed, it was too late. We all managed to get out, but the house burned to the ground with everything in it.

Dad was at work and when he came home, he saw all of our belongings and the home that he had built with his own hands, uninsured and in ashes. Instead of being angry though, he hugged us all and was so thankful that we were all ok. Ken did not play with matches anymore after that.

God's word is there to protect us. It is for our own good that we follow His commandments, not His. If you follow the Lord's guidance you will have a good life, maybe not rich, maybe not famous, or maybe you will have both. When we walk in disobedience, we open so many doors of failure and frustration that He wanted to spare us from experiencing, but we can choose to have it our way.

Wherever you are in your walk today, and no matter what you have done, God is not mad at you for the mistakes that you made in the past. He will forgive you and he is glad that you are safe. Learn from it, listen to Him, and try to do better next time. Obedience is a key to a great life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father please forgive me of my sins and restore me. Bring back the passion and the fire that I once walked in. Give me the grace to walk in obedience and help me to make the right decisions in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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