Baby Steps

Our heart has not turned back, neither have our steps strayed from your path Psalms 44:18 WEB

When you begin to dig too deep into the 'Thou shall' and 'Thou shall nots' of the Bible and begin to compare it to your own life, it will soon overwhelm you, and you may spiral into an attitude of defeat. 'This is too much. I can't do this, why bother?' The enemy will be quick to point out your flaws and shortcomings in order to discourage you from even trying.

You will find a bottomless list of things that need to be made right before you will feel 'Right with God', before you become ready to pray for someone else, or to speak something in faith, before it is you encouraging someone else. After dwelling on the 'list' for a while, many people just give it up as a lost cause.

There is a better solution to this problem: Forget the list and just keep putting one foot in front of the other one day by day. Do not focus inward on yourself, instead focus on Jesus. Live your life one day at a time and involve the Lord in your plans while doing the best that you can, today. You will soon find yourself fulfilling His will in your life, and bringing His Kingdom into your environment. I am not saying that we should ignore the Lord's commandments, I am saying that we should focus more on loving God and loving others, instead of legalism.

Yes, we have a lot of problems, but it's all that we have got going so lets make the best of it. For even if you take baby steps, you will still be moving forward each day. The Lord is always more concerned about who you are becoming as a person, than about what you do for Him.

I have heard it said that if you do not change your direction, then you will end up where you are headed. You will do this and you will be successful, if you keep a positive attitude and keep pressing forward. Do not get overwhelmed, and do not turn back. God loves you, and He is so proud of the progress that you have made so far. Let go of the do's and don'ts and just say 'Lord, just as I am, I give myself to You. Please help me.'

Prayer: Heavenly Father please forgive me for sometimes taking my eyes off of You and getting overwhelmed with rules that I don't really understand that well. Make Your love simple to me and reveal it to me in an unmistakable way, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray

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