And God Laughed

Though I walk in the middle of trouble, you will revive me. You will stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies. Your right hand will save me. Yahweh will fulfill that which concerns me; your loving kindness, Yahweh, endures forever. Don't forsake the works of your own hands. Psalm 138:7 WEB

They say that if you want to make God laugh, to tell Him your plans. I am not sure whether He will actually laugh at you or not when you do, but the point is that it is not 'our' plans and purpose that the Lord fulfills, but His. When our plans and purpose align with His then they will succeed for He will always finish what He starts.

Its not that He will not help us live our dream, often we dream too small and His plans are bigger than that. Sometimes its because He has something better right around the corner and He does not want us to settle for something mediocre now. Other times we just need to get in 'tune' with Him and what He is doing today. Take a risk and pray 'Lord, make whatever is important to You, important to me.' When His plans become our plans, then our life becomes amazing.

I never planned to be a pastor, but over twenty five years ago He told me that one day, I would be in the ministry and to begin to prepare myself for it. So I thought what anyone else would have thought: 'Go through Bible college, get a degree, get ordained, and then you will preach in a church somewhere.' That was the normal path to ministry.

So I did all of that, except the last step. When I got out of seminary, every single door in ministry was closed to me. I began to work on computers and was soon pushed into my own computer business full time. I spent the next twenty years working on computers and networks, until we hit a time when that suddenly dried completely up. The week that we were packing to move out of our home, a job as a pastor opened up. A couple of years later, we began to build an online church using the skills that I had learned along the way. Now we are connecting people to Jesus right where they are, all over the world.

His plan for preparing me included more than I had originally thought, and His vision for ministry was outside of the normal box. He is the Boss, I just try and do what He says. The Lord knows what He is doing in all of this. The best that we can do is to get in step with Him and what He is doing on the earth today. So don't worry about what others are doing because that may not be what He has for you. It wasn't for me. Let's just make sure that our plans, align with His plans.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I ask that You make what is important to You, important to me. Please share Your thoughts with me and fulfill Your plans in my life. Don't forsake the work of Your hands, but remember me today. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

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