A Bridge Over Troubled Water

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Prov. 18:22 ESV

One morning I was praying in my room, my mind aimlessly drifting from one thing to another. I saw a picture of my wife and I walking together on the beach. Then it occurred to me that her birthday was coming up soon. Then I thought: 'You should take her away for the weekend.'

Later at the office, I checked my email and the first one was from a Beach Resort who offered an ocean front room with a jacuzzi for $49.95 a night. Though very busy, I gave in and asked her if she would like to go away for the weekend. She was delighted. We had a wonderful weekend together.

At another time, my wife was praying and the Lord directed her to do something special for me, much the same way. When a couple places God at the center of their life, the Lord will be the mediator in the relationship. He will tell you things that add spice and provide a way for you to do it.

The Lord loves you both, wants your marriage to work, and will give you these subtle hints along the way. Do not ignore them. They could easily be the bridge over troubled water.

Prayer: Father, I pray that you will speak to me clearly and show me things that I can do for others to improve the relationship, in the name of Jesus.

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