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  • Dion Todd
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    Gathering the Manna
    • November 22, 2020
    • Dion Todd
      Jose Simo

      Amen Heavenly Father, I will always be grateful to You, for Your love for us is immense by following Your designs. Lead us Father 'cause without You we are nothing, in Jesus Christ name we pray, Amen. We trust in You always Lord. 

      Thank you Pastor and

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    • Dion Todd
      Schalk de Beer

      Amen Lord 

    • Dion Todd
      Wesley Paulus


    • Dion Todd
      Wanda Pennington

      Yes Lord, thank you, Amen !

    • Dion Todd
      Liesel aka Lisa Wardle

      Amen! Thank you LORD for all the many blessings, being with us in good times and troubled times! "Thy will be done!" - Wishing each and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, as we count our blessings, but most of all our salvation!