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    May 22, 2016 10:18 PM EDT

    I feel like I have prayed for guidance many times and I can't honestly say that I know if they have been heard or not. I tried it again a few moments ago and would like to ask you, my RHM family, for what to do next, I understand that this takes time and God's timing is far better than mine could ever be. And I do not blame God at all for anything. I am struggling right now and need a proper guide to help me through this life. What is the next step after you have asked the Lord to be your guide? 

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    May 23, 2016 9:18 AM EDT

    Hi Tyler! If you're talking about general guidance in life, all I can say is be watchful for His answers. He has brought answers to us through his still small voice, by randomly opening the Bible, through dreams, through other people, through circumstances, even one time on the front page of CNN :).


    Of course, we know He brings guidance through His Word, but also that doesn't necessarily help when you're trying to decide whether you should sell your car :). Speaking of cars, sometimes His answers are more obvous than one would think. When it was time for us to look for a newer car, we came upon a car that we thought would do the job. It was one that had been wrecked in the past, but seemed fine when driving it and was practically new. We prayed together in front of the car, but didn't hear anything. In retrospect though, it was fairly obvious, because we were waiting on some funds to transfer in and we didn't actually have the money yet :). A week or so later, when the funds had arrived, the Lord brought us to a deal that was even better in every way. When we prayed about it that time, we both heard a "yes"!


    The point there is that, at least for us, God often doesn't say anything to us when we are already on the right path, and especially we know it. He lets us learn to make decisions and grow in confidence. When we inquire though, He has been faithful to correct our path when needed. In the case of the final car, it was a significant decision for us, and we weren't sure if it was "ok", and He honored our prayer with an answer. My rule of thumb is that if I ask and He doesn't say anything, I am either fine, or it doesn't matter :).


    That said, there are times when there are significant decisions to be made where we know we may be less than 100% objective because of emotional ties. In that case, our normal level of hearing may not be reliable, and we have to press in. What this means for us is fasting. I know you won't like that, but when you're talking about guidance for something specific, it's been an important part of breaking through the barriers for us, so has to be mentioned :). It also applies for times when much of a decision may be out of our control, and we need His intervention. 


    Well, I think that's enough for a start of a convo :). If you have other thoughts in mind as far as guidance, always hear to listen!

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    May 23, 2016 6:03 PM EDT

    Hi Sylvia! Thanks for your answer. I find that I agree with you, it's not that I don't like the idea of fasting, it seems to have some significance. I just don't see it as practical, especially when it comes to food. Our bodies need food in order to survive and get energy. Depriving yourself of such a need doesn't make much sense to me is the main issue. If it's luxury things like ice cream or time spent in front of the tv, that would make more sense. As for the part of being on the right path, how exactly would one know that they are on the right path? Isn't it true that God is also silent during tests and trials? 


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    May 24, 2016 9:32 AM EDT

    Hi Tyler! There are certainly those who fast from ice cream and such, and I'm not saying that is not valid. Jesus, though, fasted from food, so we figure that's good enough for us. We have fasted ourselves for 30-40 days without a problem, as can most Americans, I believe :). 


    That's for sure that God can be silent during the tests and trials. At those times, we have just held on to the last thing that we knew about. As for just generally knowing, it would not normally be just one thing. He will confirm what He is saying and doing. For instance, Dion had a dream one time about he and I working together in a field and that, if we did, He would prosper that. We felt the interpretation was just that, a dream about some work we were going to do. Very shortly after, that, He blessed us with some very expensive server equipment that we needed, but would not normally be able to afford to pursue a project we were working on. 


    As another story of confirmations, at another time, we were deciding on a new church to attend. We had decided on one that we had liked, and knew a couple of people there. The Friday before, we had a two-part dream where Dion dreamed about saying goodbye to our old church and I dreamed about attending a church that was not the one we had decided on. It was a church we had visited it two times before and on looking back, He had addressed two of the three objections we had made about our old church with this new one. The final one was something that Dion mentioned in the car on the way there. The message for that Sunday completely addressed it. A couple of days later, we found out that the pastor's wife had been praying that God would send dreams to those who were meant to be there. He then proceeded to smooth the way for us to get to know the leaders in the church very quickly, though we are not normally the most social of people ;-). Besides still being a great relationship, that church was also an integral part of the creation of this ministry. The point is, we did have an idea of the path, but God confirmed it so that we would know that we weren't just having a dream because of too many tacos ;-).

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    May 24, 2016 10:34 AM EDT

    Perhaps you can help me figure out what the difference is between regular dreams and God's visions. I have had plenty of strange dreams but I figure they were just dreams and nothing came of them that I am aware of. 

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    May 24, 2016 11:49 AM EDT

    Tyler, it isn't really an exact science, but as a rule of thumb, I would say that a starting point is the quality of the dream. If it's fuzzy and difficult to remember, you can pretty much rule that out. The dreams that have proven themselves to be from Him are ultra-clear. Of course, the content of the dream will also not violate His word. Finally, there is the nature of God. If it is a dream that is calling you into the mistakes of the past and trying to bring you guilt, that is not Him - God calls you into His future. 


    All in all, we have found dreams to be an important aspect of the way God speaks to us, but it isn't the only aspect. I would not necessarily, for instance, move to Antartica based only on a dream. There would have to be (a lot) of other confirmation to move this California girl to somewhere that cold ;-).