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  • November is the Season to remember all that we have to be grateful for…

    This event is to express gratitude for the blessings in our life, in the spirit of our group leader, Janet Clary, who recently passed way. The more we exercise our power of Gratitude in all Circumstances, the easier it becomes to use. Janet was such a great role model of a Thankful Heart! She tried to reach out to help others even as she was battling for her life. Janet was one of the most positive people I have had the pleasure to call friend and sister in Christ.

    In remembrance of our beloved Janet & in the spirit of the Season, I’m asking that we post 2 things each day if we are able…let us share our Gratitude & Grace each other with healing prayers both in the sorrow & the joy this month may bring.

    #1 I am thankful for…

    #2 Please keep in prayer…

    Thank You
    God Bless
  • 11/1/16 at 4:00 AM -
    11/30/16 at 4:00 AM
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November - Gratitude & Grace

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  • Diane Symborski✝
    Diane Symborski✝:
    I am thankful for the heating throw my husband bought me this past Wednesday. It was damp and cold that's when my pain is out of control. I always have one we found out my old one didn't work anymore. He had to stop at Costco's they have them every year...  more
    • November 27, 2016
    • Diane Symborski✝
      Sylvia Todd Aww, what a thoughtful gift <3!
    • Diane Symborski✝
      Diane Symborski✝ Sylvia, I've been using them since after my operation in 2010. That was 09-20-2010 and I was cut in so many places that it caused nerve damage and other pain in different places. I bought one of the throws in October 2010. I've been using them ever...  more
    • Diane Symborski✝
      Diane Symborski✝ Sylvia, my husband and daughter can see my pain. It really hurts them to see me like this. I've seen them both break known that mom is not the same. Last week was really bad the weather and the holiday. I don't like when it's cold because I can't help....  more
    • Diane Symborski✝
      Suzy Romaine I am praying for your full recovery Diane
    • Diane Symborski✝
      David and Dianna Wyles Praying everyday for God's healing touch to be your's <3 Diane
    • Diane Symborski✝
      Sylvia Todd You are in our prayers, Diane, so proud of all that you have already overcome <3!
    • Diane Symborski✝
      Diane Symborski✝ Thank y'all for your prayers I know God hears. He cares and I know one day that this will pass. It's hard to say when i'm really bad and it upsets me not to cry. That's all I do and I just go in my room and try to do what I have to to help myself....  more
      • November 28, 2016