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My People Are Destroyed

  • Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.


    I am relentless and intense in my desire to know what I am dealing with as per my health. I do believe that God has the answers we seek, but they are not easily found. In order for one to obtain knowledge, you have to want the knowledge, and you have to pursue it in some form.


    The above scripture says a lot just in the beginning line. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.


    When I first accepted the Lord back in 1981, I was hungry for whatever I could get my hands on. Not only did I devour my Bible, but I sought out books, music, went to every service, and special service, I got involved with teaching Sunday School, Jr. Church, I was involved in pageants, and painted signs for the sides of the buses to advertise what programs the church would be having.  I watched biblical moves, well, like Ben Hur, the Ten Commandments but the King of Kings was my favorite, still is today. With Jeffery Hunter playing Jesus. Did you know that Jeffery Hunter also acted on Star Trek? My son could tell you what episode. But did you know too that Jeffery Hunter committed suicide? How disturbing that is, he played such a great part in King of Kings, and when I went searching for more information on him, I was quite disturbed over his death. So does that mean he just was acting out the part? Did he have any room in his heart at all for the man he was playing on screen? Knowledge, a wanting to know.




    Familiarity from actual experience; practical skill. Acquaintance with fact; hence, scope of information. Act or state of knowing; clear perception of fact, truth, or duty.


    We can all say we have read the bible through at least once. My question is did you get something out of it besides a sticker for your accomplishments? I want so much more than a sticker to show my relationship with the Lord. I want to know HIM! It will take all of my life, and at the end of my life, I still will not know HIM till I meet him face to face. It is my hope that my relationship to HIM will bring me the words, “Well done”.


    It’s been 34 years now since the day I accepted the Lords invitation to come into my life. The longer I am on this road, the more I see, and yet still don’t see. Questions go unanswered, yet are answered. Why do babies die before they are born? Why do children get cancer? Why do the innocent have to die? Reasons can be found in the pages of your Bible. Let’s go to Moses, when he came off the mountain, the people were having a party. Moses asks the crowd who will stand for the Lord, and once those joined on the Lords side, the Lord told Moses to kill all those who did not stand with him. Now you have to look at that impact. I do not remember seeing that in the clarity of messages in the past. Even when you look at the movie The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, you do not see the horrific impact of this scene. In the Ten Commandments, the ground opens up and swallows the rebellious ones. But the words in the Bible show they were left with no mercy and were killed, with whatever means they had. That is not just men, but women and children. Read that again, women and children. Generations were cut out in that one act. So which version do you want to know? The fluffy one or the gut wrenching one? Which one happens to be the reality of the sin in the camp that destroyed these men, women and children?


    God has given us choices all through our lives. What we choose will depend on the outcome of that choice. The direction you go in may not be where the Lord wants you to go, and thus, the consequences. of your choice could be life changing. That is what the enemy waits for, for you to make the wrong choice.


    Yet sometimes we are left with no other choice and we must go in the direction before us. When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 4 ½ I had no other choice but to follow the medical procedures they put before me. I did not have a computer; therefore I could not do any research on her illness. The only choice I was given was by the doctors in her care. It would only be by the many years she relapsed that I would begin to understand something’s about her illness, like her blood counts and what they meant. I would keep journals. I got to the point I would challenge doctors on and in her care. But when all was stripped from her, when she had all the chemo she could have, when a Bone Marrow Transplant did not keep the cancer away, and her shell was destroyed from the inside, it was only then, the doctors released her into my care and told me to choose quality or quantity. They gave her only a few months to live. It was then; I was free to seek out what my choices were to care for her for I was not going down without a fight. It was then the library opened my way for answers on alternative medicine. It was then I sought out those who were knowledgeable in this alternative medicine. It was there that some Christians who were versed in this area came into my life, and my knowledge expanded. My daughter and I were very close, we spoke about death many times, she understood it, and accepted it, and she knew the Lord, her heart was at peace and so was mine. No matter what we underwent, we went at it with cooperation in her care.


    I had never looked at the foods we ate before. When she was sick, they said she could eat anything. When she was taking prednisone as a chemotherapy protocol, she loved salt and vinegar chips for breakfast. The hospital menu geared things up for kids, pizza etc. Her diet was never addressed while ill. If the truth were known upon her diagnosis, even if the cancer was still there, her body would have been in better shape to fight it. But when the truth finally revealed itself in the end, I was left with all this information that I knew I had to share with others in their battle against illness.


    There is another way, which is God’s way.


    If you begin to look at all the herb bearing seeds, nuts, roots, like ginger root, you start seeing their healing power. When you start looking at supplements instead of drugs, you begin to see how GOD set up this earth with everything we needed to be well and stay well. Fast foods are not a part of God’s creation, but a salad is. When you start to look at the chemical makeup of fast foods and put them alongside your illness you can see how they would contribute to your illness. Whether it is cholesterol issues, weight issues, allergy issues, they are connected to the foods you eat. Why did God plant Tobacco? It was man that put chemicals into it that makes it a cancer causing product, addictive, and it destroys one’s life, that is not how God set it up. There had to be some good in the tobacco in the beginning or God would not have created it for us to use.


    God did not create us first; He created what we would need to survive first, then created us. Why did God put stipulations on certain foods if they were not good for us? The buzzard, think about what he eats, and if you eat him, you have just ingested what they ate in that meat? Think about the pig, what he eats, think too how he is pumped full of antibiotics so disease does not run ramped, but we consume sausage biscuits by the buckets. Let’s talk Lobster, the scavenger of the bottom of the sea, eats all kinds of rotten things, wonder what’s in that green stuff you see on the meat when it’s cooked. Our oceans today are so full of poison, and we consume many of the foods the sea brings forth. But too, some of our fish are farmed raised, in small tanks, and they too are loaded with antibiotics because disease runs ramped in such small spaces, then, we the consumer purchase this fish thinking it is good for us and we become sick. Think for a moment how the fish must of tasted is Jesus time.


    It’s all connected to our health. We are a totally different generation; we do not know what it is like to plant and tend to a garden. We do not like to make things from scratch, and the frozen food section is loaded with things prepackaged and full of ingredients you cannot pronounce, yet just open the package and microwave it and you have an instant meal.


    We are dying, Gods people, are destroyed for lack of knowledge, or is it because we don’t want to know it? You may not be able to read the ingredient list of your McDonalds meal on your little bag, but if you go to their web page everything in their items is listed, did you know that? All you have to do is Google it.


    God created our bodies in such a unique way. Self healing, and given the right ingredients, our bodies will even heal from broken bones. How awesome is our God to create us in such a fashion, and how awesome He was/is to have created what we need to live a long and vibrant life. Have you ever wondered why some people live to be 100 and beyond? You have to go back to the beginning of his generation. It was how they lived, and what they ate back then that made a difference. Why is Cancer so ramped today with all the technology we have? Good health does not make anybody any money, and if you think that money is not behind all of this you are sadly mistaken. Think about any illness, let’s use my daughters illness for example, Leukemia. Think about all the money spent from the age of 4 ½ to 14 ½ . Hospital stays, drugs for the drug reactions. The many drugs needed for her care, the IV’s, the barf buckets, the list goes on. And when her life was over, millions of dollars were spent, and someone had made some money from her illness. It is sad to think of it that way, but it is the truth.


    Think about what ever issue you are dealing with right now. What has it cost you to live with this illness? Did you ever wonder if there was another way? A change of diet can turn around Diabetes, Cholesterol issues, and heart issues. Why are our arteries clogged? Its food related! We are no longer farmers who work the land by hand; we now have machines to do all the work for us. Even the Gyms are making money off of you because you are sick, think about it.


    But not all information you find on the net is correct, and some of these companies are just as eager to capitalize on your illness as the drug pushers are. You have to do your own research, and today, you are but a key stroke away if you have access to a computer. No need to go to the library unless you want to. But you do have to research enough that you understand what you are taking and why you are taking it and if it will interfere with any prescription medication you are on. If you understand why you need to change, it helps in keeping you on track with following through with it. Commitment!


    I do not promote any one source, yet I have come to trust a handful of sources over my years of researching and hands on experience. When I was diagnosed in 2008 with Osteoarthritis by a Chiropractor I thought my world had come to an end. I felt so horrible and my pain level brought me to tears daily. Movement had become so limited, and I felt my life slipping away from me. I quickly began to research this diagnosis. What exactly was Osteoarthritis? How will it affect my life in the days, weeks, months and years to come? What will my quality of life be like? How is this treated and what is it treated with? What are my options? I even got myself a Handicap plaquard for my car. Once I knew what I was dealing with I was then armed with the tools needed to fight this. Since Osteoarthritis is degenerative it was important for me to know what to do to stay ahead of this, and what other things might help to heal some parts that were involved. I could barely drive the pain was so consuming. I invested in a cane to help me get around. I had to two step the steps at work in order to get in the building. The pain of this was using up any energy I might have. A daily battle to know what to do, and how to put it into play and what was going to work the best for me. Factoring in the money issue to get what I needed was/is overwhelming. You are robbed of time because of the pain as it depletes your energy stores. This was going to be my reality and I knew I had to learn how to deal with it or die from it! I was not going to be destroyed for lack of knowledge. The information I sought was at my fingertips, I just had to have the time and energy to pursue it. When you can no longer do what you used to do it is hard to cope with the issues of life that still go on, like a job, and taking care of yourself, household duties ,and when you are the breadwinner the responsibility is even greater and puts more pressure on your health, pain or not, things still need to be done. I do not settle for just one source, for me, if I can find three sources, and I find they connect in their information, then I go on with what I believe was right for me.


    Sometimes, when you are a mother, you do not have a choice in your own care/health. When I was diagnosed in 2008 with Osteoarthritis, I asked the Chiropractor if he knew how long I have had this. He said at least 10 years prior. That put that date in 1998, three years after my daughter passed away on November 21, 1995. All the years of her care, and dealing with an alcoholic husband, a few car accidents and the arthritis began to settle in way back then. But it would not be until I could not physically move did I seek out help, and even then, I chose alternative care and went to a Chiropractor. But from that 2008 beginning, I had a choice. I did go to a Rheumatologist one time. Just a confirmation of what I was dealing with. I have not been back to the Rheumatologist, I don’t need him. I do continue to see a Chiropractor once a month for maintenance. I have been with him long enough and have shared with him all that I do Alternative wise etc. He knows me well and has seen all the progress I have made over the many years. He is my greatest encourager. Funny, his birthday is the same day as mine. I send him via email progress reports on things, regular doctor visits etc. He is very encouraging as I have gone along on this path. I share with him why I am doing it this way, and will send him web links of where I found the information. 


    Today, I still deal with pain, but it is not as intense as it was in the beginning. I can walk up the steps at work like normal, only occasionally two stepping. I have more mobility and flexibility today than last year. After intense blood work at the beginning of this year, it was revealed that I have to many particles in my blood, another whole thing to learn about. These small particles get stuck on the sides of your arteries and stop up the blood flow, setting my up for a heart attack or a stroke. Lots more changes and challenges to learn about, again, I am not going down without a fight. Exercise can change it, foods I eat can change it, and Lord willing keep me away from Statin drugs that will change the particles, but will cause me muscle pain as a drug reaction. On top of OA pain, this is not a welcome thought. I bought a treadmill, my only hope of getting and keeping a regular scheduled plan of exercise. This was a controlled way to walk, on steady ground, and I was assured to be able to walk in my time ( 4:00am) no matter the weather. My whole house had to be reorganized to fit this in. I did my research on it, spoke to the salesman at sears who was very knowledgeable. Only I can change things, no one will do it for me. No matter how I felt, I had to try. So on April 10, 2015 I began my new exercise program. I would begin with a stretching DVD of which I have used for years, I would take it almost to the end then get on the treadmill. What began at only 10 minutes, at 1.5 speed, at a distance of 0.280 with a 30 points in calorie loss, has now as of May 22, I can walk 25 minutes, at a 1.9 speed, covering 0.796 with a calorie loss of 91.1. Since using this treadmill, what began at a 191.4 weight on the scale, has now brought me to 185.8 all because of the treadmill. I have also seen a drop in my blood pressure. I have recorded my daily food intake for the last two months. What is going on inside of me will be revealed this week after blood work and an annual doctor appointment. The Lord has blessed me with this time between my blood work in January, and since seeing a new doctor just before the end March. This has given me time to change things, to show the new doctor my dedication to my own health and it is recorded on paper. I have gotten stronger, my pain has decreased, there is no pain when I walk on the treadmill. I hope to increase this time to 30 minutes here at the end of May. Then my plan is to work on my heart rate. I have goals in this and God has blessed my efforts and I praise HIS holy name as I have seen the results of these changes I have made.


    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    No matter where you are today, no matter what you are dealing with you have the power within you to change your circumstances for the better. No matter where your health has brought you, you still have the power to enhance your ailment for the better, but the choice is up to you. God never promised us days without pain, weather it be from a loss of a loved one or a diagnosis that could take your life. Our world is no longer the world that it was when Jesus was here. We are as much afflicted as Christians as the unsaved, but we have an advantage, we serve a GOD who has the answers we seek, if we will but seek HIS way. Our pain is very real, some days it is all consuming, some days, we long for death but if God knows when our time is to go, then who are we not to fight till that day he calls us home. It is my hope, that my journey in The Valley Of Pain will bring you some hope, some encouragement, some enlightenment that you too can change even the littlest things in your life for the better. We have the HOPE in him. HE loves us so, He sees our pain in the night, HE sees the tears we shed when no one is looking, He sees our heart and what we long for and HE waits for us to seek the knowledge that HE has waiting for us. Our journeys are an instrument HE uses to bring others to HIM. What we go through is a testimony to HIM and what HE can do in our lives so that others can KNOW we serve a GOD who loves us so. This journey is far from easy, it is harder when you go it alone, it is hard when you have little children and have lost a spouse. It is harder when you are older , but God is here, HE is there and we are not alone .


    Please be encouraged today, even the small things can be changed.












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