Why do you believe?

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


     There was a time during a very philosophical conversation with an individual that does not profess to be a Christian asked me the question why do I

believe in God? I immediately responded because I know God loves me and his son, my Lord and Savior Jesus saved me and because I Love him more

than anything in this world.

      I have no idea why this person asked me this question but he went on to state that my answer was one of the few that had responded without having

a close answer to being the same as others. So this striking up my curiosity asked what the most common answer he typically received. He stated most

people had always said, ‘to go to Heaven’. So in theory, he had come to the conclusion most people believe in God to get something in return so he

continued to tell me he truly believed I was telling him the truth, thanked me for my answer and went on his way.

      I actually had never thought of this as the reason why I believe in God and sure I would be so blessed when God decides to take me out of this world

to be allowed to walk with him in Heaven but I am here on this earth and while for the remainder of my time on this earth, I truly want to do what God

will have me do.

      Sometimes, these things are not what I want to do but in finding this scripture in Romans, I truly believe God does work for the good of those who

love him and who have been called according to his purpose. When I mentioned my Lord Jesus saved me I was not meaning he ‘saved me’ as what most

reading this actually may think such as ‘saving me from my sins’. Of course, that is part of it, but I meant it more in a literal sense but I did not elaborate

it to this individual. For you see, Jesus actually saved me, meaning from the very depths of fear and sadness I have felt for most of my life and for that I

will be forever thankful.

      I was raised in a Christian home and actually got ‘saved’ when I was 7 years old. My dad being a preacher asked me just a few years ago why I felt

led to go to the altar that Sunday morning. I guess most people feel convicted is the ‘why’ of getting saved but as for me, I remember very specifically

the day I went to the altar and the only reason I remember as that small child and still today is because I loved God. That is all I recall I felt that day, I

just loved God.

      I am far from anyone special or perfect and I have made many mistakes in my life. I have fought with God and I have been angry with God but at

the end of the day I know God has always been there even when I thought I did not want him there. Today, I know God has a purpose for me and

because I know he truly loves me unconditionally I will do my very best to love him back and do what he wants me to do. I know I can never love him or

do for him as he loves and has done for me, but all I can do is my very best. I can honestly say Jesus is my best friend; he helped me more than

anyone when I was down. He loved me when I could not love myself and will continue to love me always just as he will do for you.

So now I ask you, why do you believe in God?

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